WTB Faction Forts

I buy Faction Forts in BULK! Must be low sec or HS system. Contact me with in game mail. Current offers outstanding for:

Draccous - 25 bill
Horizon - 15 bill
Marginis - 35 bill
Moreau - 45 bill
Prometheus - 20 bill
Logged on DAILY! Feel Free to reply here or in game!



Still taking buy orders.



still buying!

Justed edited and updated prices! Don’t waste your ISK on broker fees and sell to me :slight_smile:

“Horizon 15b” lol. Doesn’t seem like selling to you would be profitable at all :smiley:
You got Accurate prices on all the others idk why u ■■■■■■ up there :blush:

Horizon forts are pure garbage. Literally no reason to buy them other than to look at them. There is a reason no one will pay you anything for them.

Thats a Interesting point since they still sell on market for over 50b and i myself sold 2 for that price … same as all the others it doesn’t matter if they are trash. they are unique and limited in the game they won’t lose in rarity or worth.

Sorry , you can offer whatever u want in ur Thread I was just highly confused since all the other fort prices were really good ONLY the one I had not :frowning:

Prices just updated!



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