WTB Faction Forts

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I buy Faction Forts in BULK! Must be low sec or HS system. Contact me with in game mail. Current offers outstanding for:

Draccous - 25 bill
Horizon - 15 bill
Marginis - 35 bill
Moreau - 45 bill
Prometheus - 20 bill
Logged on DAILY! Feel Free to reply here or in game!


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Still taking buy orders.

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still buying!

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Justed edited and updated prices! Don’t waste your ISK on broker fees and sell to me :slight_smile:

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“Horizon 15b” lol. Doesn’t seem like selling to you would be profitable at all :smiley:
You got Accurate prices on all the others idk why u ■■■■■■ up there :blush:

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Horizon forts are pure garbage. Literally no reason to buy them other than to look at them. There is a reason no one will pay you anything for them.

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Thats a Interesting point since they still sell on market for over 50b and i myself sold 2 for that price … same as all the others it doesn’t matter if they are trash. they are unique and limited in the game they won’t lose in rarity or worth.

Sorry , you can offer whatever u want in ur Thread I was just highly confused since all the other fort prices were really good ONLY the one I had not :frowning:

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Prices just updated!

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