WTB FAX ALT (can be focus trained)

Like the Title Says, Want top buy a Fax Alt Prefer Apostle if possible.
Please Leave your Offers, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Looking for a Quick Buy

Check me (Gallente FAX)
WTS Gallente Carrier Pilot 74.5m SP for 72b

May be interested, however the price will need to change
This is due to Not having the 3 listed Skills below …

  1. Jump Drive Operation,
  2. Jump Drive Calibration
  3. Jump Fuel Conservation.
    Having these skills are a Must for any Capital Pilot due to not being able to jump without one of them, the other one increases the range you can jump and the other skill lowers the fuel needed to jump.

please let me know what you can do ?

Hey… Well I can go a bit lower… But what’s your thinking?

If we come to a deal within the next 2h, I can transfer immediately.

@Scorned_■■■■■ I will be off for at least 9h, so I will give you a number.

I think 69b is reasonable.
If you transfer the isk before I come on again, I will initiate transfer asap.

Thank you.

Hey there, I’m sorry. I was looking at more like 60 Bill.
If you don’t find a Buyer, come back and give me a shout.
You Do have a Nice character there, so I wish you good luck my friend.

Hi. I cannot go that low. The lowest amount I calc with 900m / 1m SP is 67.5b.

Edit: @Scorned_■■■■■ I just realized my toon misses some Jump Drive skills. Because of that I can offer you as low as 65b.

If you can meet that ok. Otherwise. I cannot. Sorry.