WTB Female Extracted Pilot with Amarr Titan Book

Hi, want purchase a below 10m points character for make a Titan Sitter.

Requisites :
1 ) Amarr Titan Book injected
2 ) Decent name.

I pay fair for the skill books and budget can vary iof u have slaves or similar.

Open to the friday NIGHT. Please answer the thread, not eve mails.

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tomorrow is the last day bump

Offering myself:

Can extract/inject as needed.
Also 770k free SP and +5s

Your character is exactly all the things i dont need.

1 ) Not amarr titan skill
2 ) Not extracted
3 ) Retard name. Is a lady, must be Noob lady, not lood Lord.
4 ) 109 days to titan.



Today bum, plast day. IF i not get something in ten hours thread is closed.

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