Sold. closed

33.6m SP all focused on the Amarr Titan

  • Amarr Titan V

  • Capital Energy Turret V

  • Doomsday Operation IV

  • Doomsday Rapid FIring IV

  • Jump Drive Calibration V

  • Excellent fitting skills

-This is approx. 6.6B in skillbooks

  • 1B in Avatar skins

-Cold Iron, Exoplanets Hunter, Khanid, and Purity of the Throne

:congapartyparrot: 36 :congapartyparrot:

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Positive sec status
Two remaps available
Jita 4-4

46b B/O

Daily bump


46b B/O

ingame mail sent

Sold to god of battle. Please send ISK and Account name to the listed character (Spider Gayle), and I will start transfer as soon as I get home from work.

About two hours from now

ISK and Account name sent.

Awesome thanks, I’ll be home in a bit to take care of my end.

Transfer initiated! Thanks for making it easy, hope you enjoy and I look forward to flying next to her.

Thank you.
Fly safe o7

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