WTB focused Dread toon

Going to work now, but I’ll be home in about 7-8 hours or so, Send me a mail in game with the updated eveskillboard and everything. and I can get this started tonight. :slight_smile:

bump! still looking, other guy backed out.

to the top.

Someone’s gotta have a good dread for sale no? :slight_smile:


Jdc 5
T2 siege in less than a week

send me price ingame

Are you asking me? Or Django.

Either way still looking! Unfortunately Django already got sold by the time i woke up lol.

About to post this character on the bazaar

(pw 1234)

oops, looks like I’ll have to login as that character on the forums in order to do so!

Looks great, how much you looking for?

Just researching Value atm. So far this is the most recent and similar I have found… WTS Naglfar pilot 27kk sp

convo me in game, let’s figure out a price :slight_smile:

got the isk ready now. I got about 2 hours before I go into work, make the sale thread and I’ll send it asap :slight_smile:

Sale thread is already up :wink:

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Hi, How am I supposed to contact you to buy your character?

Not sure what you mean?

Would like to know how much are you willing to sell the it. My initial offer would be 26Bil

what character are you talking about??? lol

Selling myself for privately agreed on price to Yumi Iku. No kill rights, high sec located, positive wallet etc. I will pay transfer. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Spec1al_K

That was the toon that he sold to me? It’s not for sale… I bought it already (as that’s what this thread was for)

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