WTB Focused Sub Cap Pilot Hybrid OR Beams

I have Caldari (Missiles) and Minimitar (Projectiles) pilots. They can fly every ship (utilizing their typical faction weaponry type) from their respective faction with L4+ in their respective weaponry, navigation and supporting skills.

I would like to have 4 total, one for each major faction, essentially my goal is being able to fly every sub capital ship with deep specialized skills (the Caldari pilot already has perfect logi and bomber skills). This leaves me in the market for a Gallentte (Hybrid) and Amarr (Beams) pilot.

I am thinking about 50 - 75m SP is the range for quality pilots of this type.

(Bonus for BLOPS)

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@Avelarius_Amilupar You still looking?

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Hey, what you got?

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