WTB galente mission puller

Looking for a char with ~6m sp in social armor and missiles with a semi high faction standing to galente

High dron and FW


Does he have the data center missions available still? Able to offer 3b really need it to be able to use cruise missiles

As Far I know yes, because i purchase him some months ago.

Exits a great site called esiknife.com, and in a section of the character can see what agents have reputation, and i take a moment to check what corporation are, and this pilot have onlky reputation with brutor tribe and tribal liberation , THESE REPUTATIONS ARE WITHOUT CONNECTIONS

i paste the agents name, check yourself

Oggur Marendei	5.04
3019246	agent	Vor Osanher	4.80
3019259	agent	Deiked Neif	4.56
3019257	agent	Hagotta Atiltrard	4.28
3019251	agent	Sissur Glaerir	4.28
3017065	agent	Haftildar Honledok	4.21
3019247	agent	Egitrard Edat	4.03
3019260	agent	Jelfhiki Assbet	4.02
3019256	agent	Wilf Lommnersin	3.79
3019248	agent	Aldeinur Gidmorater	3.73
3019249	agent	Edore Amilgrard	3.33
3017061	agent	Bustatber Velsalran	3.19
3019258	agent	Otewlf Rarkakidur	2.64
3019250	agent	Ragtvittak Eraleder	2.61
3019252	agent	Grilrand Waturger	2.47
3019255	agent	Hois Odebeinn	1.00
3019253	agent	Sorn Ober	0.98

Looks pretty good what you looking to get for him?

Offer decent and i sell, i am not using now and the account expire in two days.

You do 4b hadn’t seen the 900k unalocated at first

You cant get a gallente puller for that price… or this level of skill points.

7 extractors at .034= 2.4
5m initial = 3b
implants 300m

Without reputations value is arouynd 5.5b, this character is trader , and is useful per se.

I can sell it for 5.7,b is a fair price.

I saw no implants at all when I looked on the skillboards what does it have

are in left side, down, of the eveskillboard sheet
Active clone implants :clubs:8

Memory Augmentation - Improved
Neural Boost - Improved
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard
Social Adaptation Chip - Improved
Zainou ‘Gypsy’ CPU Management EE-601

4.5b is the most I can pay sorry not for allot of free isk right now

Mot interested then Ok good luck,… i suggest you put in the Header / title of the thread, you are paying 4.5b.

Can you do 5.2?

Yes, i can.

K gotta wait for a char to finish biomassing first

No problem, send the isk andf account name now and i can move where yoiu want. By the way, i can use the timne to puechase plex ith him. And you answer here when ui can deliver/transfer. or i wait 10 hours

I would rather wait until my account is ready you will just need the username right? Never bought a char before

Yes, you need sent me an email to the username in which you enter to the game/forum.

But please answer the thread when you sent the isk and account name.

Isk and account info sent

transfer done, please answer here when you rcieve the ccp real world email.