WTB Hauler/Cyno pilot

(johny orca) #1

Hi guys,

I’m looking for hauler (Freighter/JF(optional)/DST) and cyno pilot.
Mainly interested in following skills:
Advanced Spaceship Command V
CPU Management V
Caldari (preferably, but any other will do) Industrial V
Caldari (preferably) Freighter I-IV
Navigation V
Science V
Warp Drive Operation V
Jump Drive Operation V (optional)

Not looking for anything flashy of more than 15M SP. In case anyone has something close to offer - please drop me an EVEMail or write here.

Fly safe 0/

(nm Kain) #2

My character maybe out of your range. Selling an industry base toon that meets your requirements. She’s on sale for 35b. If it’s too out of your range, then I wish you the best of luck finding a character that fits your needs.

(Ac1dBurn) #3


(Burberry Muffin) #4


Transport ships V
Interceptor V

in week she can fly gallente or minmatar JF