WTB Hydra

175B contract to me

Have one I’d let go for 210.

I appreciate the offer but people were struggling to sell these at 135b and by my count there are still 46 of them left out there. 175 is my limit for the ship and its generous. The newer AT ships just arent what they used to be. : )

No problem. Already sold two for 200+ and have a couple 190+ offers for the last. Good luck. I also remember when Morachas were a hard sell at 125.

185B for a Hydra

200b for a Hydra

Lol looks like you missed the opportunity. Ive yet to see these sell for under 200b. Your information is incredibly outdated. Most older AT frigates will simply not be let go for under 200b. Only 50 released of each vs the newer ones where 140 are now being released.

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