WTB Fully researched Frigate BPO'S

Hii i want to get into manufacturing.Im an alpha.So i just wanna build.some T1 frigates.I dont have much skills in research so im seeking to buy some T1 frigate BPO’s.

Price im expecting is

Frigate : 30-35 million

The price you’re hoping for is way below market.

Check public contracts for a sanity check. You might be able to get them for somewhat less than that, but you’re basically just asking for a gift at your offering price.

Yeah i just checked few contracts the frigate BPO are priced at 35m starting.And i dont know about Destroyer need to check that too.Well now i would like to buy one frigate BPC now For 35 mil.
I need a Rifter or a Griffin BPO.

If you just want to dip your toe in the manufacturing water, max run blueprint copies should be a comparatively inexpensive way to dabble while you’re learning the ropes.

Do spend some time checking prices of both raw material and finished goods, and don’t dupe yourself into thinking that any minerals you mine yourself are “free”.

Hey thanks for the tip but im not a miner ill just buy the minerals off the market.I dont know but i just bought 2 BPO from amarr NPC.

Everyone can get free copies from our BPO library.
How and what is in the corp description.
You dont need to buy and research something only to tip your toe in.

Have a nice day.

The plural of BPO is BPOs. Why would there be an apostrophe?

Ah looking for typos eh?Its a mistake.

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