WTB industrial character

I’m sorry. I need to sell my character now to clear the slot for your character. It would be great if you wait a little longer. I want to buy your character, don’t worry

Y, ok.
I’m not in a hurry to sell. Write as soon as you are ready. Preferably, of course, not in a year).

Hi.I’m ready to buy a character.accept offer 170bil.i send isk and account info

Yes, good. But I also need some time. I need to deal with objects, ships. Leave the corp… Give me one day please. Maybe less…

Ok .i wait

Oh… Is that you? You sold a character “Zezick”?)

The character is ready to transfer. You can send isk.

Heey… Where are you?

Where are you?

I’m here.I’m having trouble transferring my character. I’ve created a ticket and am waiting for a response. Sorry for the wait

Yes, as I understand it, such problems often arise recently.
OK, waiting…

Hi. How’s it going? Any news?

HI.Still waiting for an answer. It’s been over a week now and I still haven’t received a response to my ticket. I will write to you when I get an answer.