WTB industrialist Up to ~ 20bil budget ~

I am looking for another industrialist character to finish off one of my other accounts. I am looking for Manufacturing skills first and foremost. Reaction / Research / Invention adds even more consideration. Reprocessing and mining skills are useless to me but if its part of the right package then whatever. There is no rush here. I’ll buy the first gem that comes along.

Link skill boards and desired price and how long you are willing to wait for sale please.


Still looking

Up we go, and Merry Christmas 07

What about this guy.

Initial post has been updated to include that mining characters are of no use to my needs. Manufacture, research, and reactions are key please.

Actually i’m kinda surprised. Yea I think I might consider this. What’s your asking?

Not sure why my post has been blocked as spam, it’s a standard character sales post.

Anyhow, I’m asking 6B as it has over a half billion in implants.

Thank you. Let me think it over a bit.

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