WTA 17M Exhmers5, Transport Ships Char

Link to skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rook_Starlight

  1. Wallet balance : Positive.
  2. Kill rights : No.
  3. Jump clones : One Jump Clone in high sec. (Tash-Murkon Region)
  4. Character location : High Sec Space.
  5. One remap
  6. Caldari BS5

starting bid: 13 b

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13b will not go higher. Put a good bid to prevent bidding war. 4b over extraction estimation. ISK ready to send today ;d

Withdrawing my bid at 13:00 eve time tomorrow 12/29

Hating is free, that’s why poor poor people do it best, bump!

Willing to buy but have limited wallet ATM. 10B Bid if accepted

Sorry can’t accept 10B

14b will be accepted

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9,5b for Character Bazaar Thread

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Can you 12.5 B? I’ll need to add some injectors for key skills.

Hi major, thnx for your bid.
Am sorry to say that i cannot accept it atm.

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13 B offer

Make it 13.5b and i will transfer, will use creditcard soo will come right away