WTS: 15.3 SP Pilot (Exhumer, Mining Barge, etc.)

Link to skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rook_Starlight

  1. Wallet balance : Positive.

  2. Kill rights : No.

  3. Jump clones : One Jump Clone in high sec. (Tash-Murkon Region)

  4. Character location : High Sec Space. (The Citadel Region)

starting bid: 15 b

15b for this nice toon

If there are not more offers the next few hours, the char is yours.

Edit : Character goes to Maline Keran for 15 b Isk. Congratulations.

ISK and account name sent

ISK and account name recieved. Character transfer on the run.

Received the toon, thanks a lot!

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