WTS 137 MILL SP Sub cap / Carrier / erebus

PW: 1234

Starting: 130 B
Buy out 150B


Whether to accept 100B

Ah sorry, 100B is just a bit too low. Plus you can extract this tune for 107b

So what do you think of 110B

125B would probs be the lowest starting bid I would accept

Please inform me if you change your doctrine

Bum. P

You happy todo 110 + 3.4 ( value to buy plex for transfer )

Totals 113.4 billion

Is it possible to pay the transfer fee by credit card because I want to get her as soon as possible instead of waiting a few days

111B bid

I will purchase this character at the agreed price (113.4B) in the game, I hope you pay the transfer fee with a credit card

113.4 accepted

ISK paid, will be transferred to the account by email notification later in the game

Email notifications have been transferred to the account during the game

Notify me if transfer starts

transfer started

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