Wtb ishtar pilot

(Azure Wyvern) #1

Doesnt have to be perfect. Will pay 1b per 1m SP!!!

Needs : ishtar

T2 sheild skills

Sentry drone skills

Have up to 30B isk ready

Looking to buy now!!

(Kate Amber) #2

You’ve made 3 new topics in 4 hours for the same thing…
Do you want multiple Ishtar pilots??

(Azure Wyvern) #3

yes sir/or maam

(Azure Wyvern) #4


WILL PAY 1B ISK PER 1Mill SP ( 20m SP focused = 20B isk )

(Riddick Thefuryan) #5

check this and tell me offer my frend


(Captainamazing) #6

offer 8B for you

(Azure Wyvern) #7

10b isk let me know

(system) #8

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