WTB JF & DST Character

(Zoe Plz) #1

Looking for a quick purchase. I will not low-ball on price.

Please link your toons.

(Void Hakaari) #2


19mil sp Anshar pilot

(Incoruptible) #3

Confirming for sale. Positive wallet, no kill rights, located in Jita

(Prozn Zanjoahir) #4

Message sent in game to @Void_Hakaari

(Incoruptible) #5

I have read your offer and accept it. Please send me isk and account details and I will start transfer

I pay transfer fee
All CCP rules apply

(Prozn Zanjoahir) #6

ISK and account details sent


(Incoruptible) #7

Isk and account name received transfer initiated. You should receive an email to confirm shortly.

Thanks and enjoy

(Prozn Zanjoahir) #8

Email received. Thank you

(system) #9

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