Wtb jita station trader

wtb jita station trader

wtb trading character caldari standing is a plus

Hi, I have one, used it in Jita for a while.

Has some standings also,

6m SP+ specialise in trading (wholesale lvl4, maxed relations and accounting)

Also developed PI, built 5 colonies which generate 2-4 bln a month 1 jump from Jita away. Can ensure you get a setup of at least 3 bln at the moment of purchase. Factory colonies - no more than 20 min a day to collect money, also you can do that once in 3 days if store some materials at customs.

In addition, a bit of casual miner.

i only want it for trading how much you want for it?

also link eveboard so i can see the standings

Sure, let me pls some time to sort out how to make a link. I am new to the forum.

Though I am upset that PI is no value to you, I was hoping it will, since should have increased the price.

How much would you offer?

it really depends on the standing and trading skills since i only want it for station trading

OK, trying to figure out how to provide you a link


4 bilions it dont have caldari standing only 0.4 and i will have to inject some skills and extract the pi/industry skills

No problem, never mind

you dont take 4 bilions for it?

No, sorry, not even close to negotiation price.

If brings me more per month than you offer, I would sell it for something substantial so that I could start 2-3 new character with lower skillbase in same directiob, but I totally appreciate that you are not interested in PI and that for 3m+ n trading skills out of 6m you offer 4b which is a fair price from your side but not from mine

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