WTB Keys and archaeological objects

Sansha Supply Pit Passcard

True Creation’s Park Overseer

PDW-09FX Tactical Subroutines

Address #298 Audio Fragment

Cerebral Slice

Liver Bile

Crate of Unidentified Ancient Technology

Crate of Archaeological Lot GV87-426-D Artifacts

Large Crate of Archaeological Lot GV87-426-E Artifacts

Large Crate of Talocan Station Life-Support Cores

Hacker’s Keycard

Passkey to Yan Jung Relic Site

Ancient Ciphering Totem

Key to the Labyrinth

If you have one, please give me the contract directly in JITA.
The price is not important, as long as it is not outrageous, I can accept it.


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Ok, I will modify it now

I have a Key to the Labyrinth that I can sell

OK, please give me the contract