WTB Low SP pvp pilot

Looking to find a character fit for lowsec/nullsec T1 frigate solo pvp. Sec status doesn’t matter at all. Not trying to find the perfect character, willing to inject if the pilot comes close to what I want.

Ideal character will have:

  • Magic 14 trained.
  • One race to frigate 5, preferably two. (No preference here)
  • Gunnery support skills trained. (Ready to train into T2 guns)
  • Shield and armor skills to respectable level. (Don’t need all level 5)
  • Navigation skills to a respectable level. (Don’t need all level 5)

Luxuries I’d like, but not deal breakers to be missing by any means:

  • T2 light drones and the support skills to 3/4.
  • Interceptor / Assault Frig skills.
  • T1 cruiser skills and the appropriate guns.

SP i’m not looking to spend isk on:

  • T2 ships above frigates.
  • T2 guns above frigates.

Nothing listed above is set in stone. Injecting/extracting means we can be flexible.

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