WTB: Low SP Titan toon

(Varacena Rollard) #1

Looking for a low SP titan toon for any of the below factions


Doesn’t have to have perfect skills, just needs to have the titan skillbook injected along with other relevant Titan skills.

Post here your toons (open ended budget) but I must say I am only interested in a character that focuses on titan and nothing else (don’t want unusable skillpoints for a titan sitter)

(Jason Heintz) #2


Password: 1234

Not low SP but maybe some interest

(How Bazaar HowBazaar) #3

I can’t see a sale thread for you but am interested

(Jason Heintz) #4

@How_Bazaar_HowBazaar Sent a ingame mail

(Avatar Titanus) #5

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Avatar_Titanus what ya offering

(T'Challa Panther) #6

still available for sale?

(system) #7

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