WTB Marauder pilot or scanning alt

Looking to buy a scanning alt and a marauder pilot. Does not need to be extremely focused and does not need to have both scanning/marauder I am searching for separate.

Wondering what’s out there…

Hi Character Sheet

Hello. What are you looking for?

16 Bill Offer.


17 Bill Highest ill go for 18M SP…

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Still looking

Just curious :




How much are you looking for?

30Bil for this one, can Fly Marauder, is also great at scanning aaaaand on top of that this one can pull lvl 5 missions.

Thank you. 30b is too steep for me and that character.

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What would be an acceptable price you’d pay?

I wanted to make sure I provided a reply. I would be willing to go 20B for this one.

I can pay 25 bil

Bumping this up.

would love a marauder alt 10-20m SP.

Still for sell?