WTB Miner

looking to buy a pure miner. I’d like it to have the following skills to V.
Mining Barges, Mining (Upgrades), Astrogeology, Exhumers.

If some of those skills aren’t level V, that’s fine, we can work something out.

No current budget, show me what you got

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I can offer myself, with some spare sp currently

I’d like to offer 10B

just to make it official and according to rules:
wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
no jump clones
char location: jita4-4

I would be willing to take your offer over 10b.
If you want to conclude the sale please send me the money to my character ingame and also a mail with the target account please.

isk and in game mail with account sent. Thanks

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Transfer initiated,
according to ccp (Welcome to the Character Bazaar) it should take about 10 hours. Enjoy your “new” character and thanks again :slight_smile:

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Character was received. Thank you.

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