WTB Miners

Wanna buy miners.

strip miner II no required.

Mail me with character and prize!



Have 4.4m points and a book of 250k unallocated, then 4.65

can do PI
Mining Upgrades 4
Mining 5
Astrogeology 4
Mining Barge 4

i want 2.8b

Note: i use the book of 250l unallocated when i receive the payment.

no kill rights, positive wallet, is in high sec

Mail sent. Check it, i accept.

Looking for more miners!

deal accepted as 2.8b in the conditions stated.

Isk sent

Transfer done. Not sure if i do right, second time i sell a character. Please confirm if u received the mail.

Mail received. Ty a lot.

Looking for more miners! post prize and toon!


Sorry but no Astrogeology V and no mining bargue… i am looking for something like a decent miner.


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