WTB mining fleet (3 chars minimum, no need for booster) + marauder V main

Hit me up with your characters, need mostly specced chars, but extra skills as long as not wasted are fine

Prefferably also Magic 14 done, and support skills

Budget is not an issue, however will only pay realistic prices

Characters MUST be “log on and play ready” (what i mean by this is don’t want to fix skills to be able to actually play their roles properly) aimed at null/lowsec mining and incursion running

Spiralnomad Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
Mines, and Marauders. You can use the 5.1M unallocated to finish marauder 5.

Will have to review skillboard once i get home (currently at work), but whats your expectation for this one?

I’d say 110B as is.
if you want it lower, I can extract and do some clean up like removing the Capital Projectiles, Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration, Tactical Logistic Reconfiguration, and Adv Spaceship command. All capital skills that have no use on the character currently.
Generally I’m going to stay slightly under a 1B isk : 1M sp ratio

I could offer 90 as is, not necessarily trying to lowball you, but it needs some work on several subcap ship skills, i wouldnt like any SP extracted, as reinjecting it again would be counter cost effective since its over 80mill SP, let me know your toughts, if accepted i can log on on my laptop during my lunch time (in about 2 hours from this post)

I’ll pass.

Np’s, if you have a counter offer, lemme know, if not we good, thanks either way for the offer, char is certainly a great grab, just not in my lane on price for what Im looking for

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