WTB Minmatar Puller Alt



How much are you willing to pay?
What should the char have? Faction standing for lvl 4s, lvl 5s, social skills?

level 6-7 faction standings

decent social skills would be nice

i would pay 6-7 billion for a simple puller

After the trasfer fee theres only 3,5b left over for.
If you are looking for a cheap puller, you should make one yourelf, its like 15 hours of work and you save the transfer fee.

how do you make one in 15 hours?

Career Agends for Min/Gal
Cosmos missions where you exchange Tags for faction standing (Min/Gal)

Google for “the plan” for more information. Otherwise look if someone is willing to sell you a better guide for a few billion ISK.

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