WTB Missile Based Character's 5-8 Mill SP

WTB Missile Based Character’s 5-8 Mill SP

Level 4-5 in missile skills preferred

Maybe this …

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Michael_Zign 5.25m points

he is capable to do datacores with a little work (was extracted), is in vuorassi agent. need free space but good char anyway.

If interested answer the thread.

What’s your price?

Really no idea. Make an offer.

3.2 bill?

3.3 and is a deal =)

If accepted send the isk and acc name , i enter with the char to confirm and i deliver in ten minutes max.

deal need a few mins to create a new account to put him on

Then please send the Isk and acc name. I am logging now.

Trade accepted. Char is in high sec in one station i do research before extracted, no kill rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

isk and info sent

Received, i deliver in a moment.

I am sending info of other pilot i find, maybe interested (of the 4m points)

Pilot delivered.

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