WTB mission character / SoE puller

Looking for something that can blitz L4’s in a marauder or whatever it is people use I don’t really know.

High SoE standings would be a major plus. If someone has a dedicated mission puller to sell that would also be acceptable.

Post in here or mail me if you want to be secretive.

got this 5m sp striped toon as mission puller. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/More_Nutrition
positive standing with whole empire and 9.6 SoE standing.
has +5 impants with %6s. lots of injected skills. used as sp farmer… which i like to keep but a tempting offer may change my mind.

As it’s only high corp standing not faction standing I’d offer you 5b.

WTS 40mil SP ORCA/ Skiff / Scanning Recon char I can fly ishtars really well and GILAS

If you are still interested, I am in the process of stripping my toon to a similar skills as pilot More Nutrition, you get double SoE faction standings, plus, if you want to pay a little more I am happy to leave more skills on as you choose, let me know.

I am ready to complete stripping and sell pretty much immediately.

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