WTB Multiple Characters

WTB the following. The more focused the better but post what you have.

2 x Vargur pilots (Paladin also works as I can inject)
1 x Leadership alt - Needs Shield and skirm links. Minimum of commandships 4
1 x Logi Alt. Scimitar preferred.

Also looking for Lower SP drone alts. 3 of them.

haha can you wait 6 weeks? Burealis Koraka Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com) will be out of the oven then.

How much SP is it missing for what I assume is a vargur? We might be able to come to a deal if it’s not going to make me cry in Injector

Skillsheet is out of Date, he has T2 guns now, already in a +5 clone in Slots 1-4 so the only other thing to speed up training would be boosters/skill injectors.
Current Queue if that helps:

Edit: ~1.7M for the Minmatar Battleship 5, and another ~450k for Marauders 4 at the bare min. So ~5 injectors.

Give it a few days. I’ll certainly keep it in mind!

Up we go.

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