WTB Naglfar or Revel

Naglfar or Revel

No need in jump skills )

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up in here

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up )))


I want it,can you show me the skill?

I want it,can you show me the

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zara_Krividus Consider selling myself

how much

how much you WTS?

Wait a moment

Sry i was gone after i posted. Ill sell it for 30b

hey, i got 27.5mil omega alt. It was VNI pilot so drone skills, then all goons standard strat ops fits and now 40days to fully fitted naglfar. alt also have 1,4mil unlocated SP

22 b to sell
The account is krypton, excellent quality and reasonable price
@me if you need

The character is under my other account

@Ivan5_zhu interested, pm you in game.

Perfect Nag and almost perfect rev.

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