WTB Nocx, Trit or Veld in Gal or Min space

-Want to buy Nocxium, Tritanium, or Veldspar and variants in Gallente or Minmatar space

-must be at most 20 jumps from Dodixie, Hek, or Rens

-the route from buying location to the trade hub must not go through low sec

-price will vary based on distance from Dodixie, Hek, or Rens the further away the less the price will be

-will carry out through direct trade or private contract

-if interested reply to this post or via direct message with the following format

WTS 900 Nocxium @ Aunia (2 jumps from Dodixie)

-after this I will reply to you with a direct quote (and if I cannot afford all I will offer to buy what I can) and we can arrange a time and place for the trade

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