WTB: Nyx Holding char

(Usi Bain) #1

Want to buy Nyx holding char. Very low SP char needed just need to sit in the the Nyx
Post what you have or mail me in game.

(Usi Bain) #2

daily bumb

(Usi Bain) #3

and bumb

(Usi Bain) #4

bumb bumb bumb

(Merr1ssa) #5

Let me know if you’re interested.


(Usi Bain) #6

send you ingame mail

(Usi Bain) #7

when will you be online

(Usi Bain) #8

Merr1ssa ready to send isk and account info as agreed ingame

(Merr1ssa) #9

In game mail received. Buyout from Usi Bain accepted of 9b for Merr1ssa.

(Merr1ssa) #10

Isk received. Starting character transfer.

(system) #11

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