WTB paladin or Kronos pilot

Looking for a paladin or Kronos pilot max of 40b.

Bump have 76b to spend

Many factions maxed out, including L5s L4s

Focused Paladin :white_check_mark:
Extra: PI / Scanningâś…

WIll do 17 Bill for Aurus.

Sorry brother, that’s low.

@Paul_Kon I will do 22b as a starting bid for your character. I will need that character to post it is for sale here first though.

Yeh I am for sale.
23b and I can drop corp and start the transfer within the hour.
Awaiting confirmation

Deal will send isk right now.

Changing over.

Isk and account info sent

Isk and Account Name rcved, dropping corp and proceeding with transfer.

Character Transfer: Under Way :white_check_mark:

Hmm I didn’t get a character transfer email. I will check in a couple hours.

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Character is now showing up as being transferred. Thanks for the transaction.

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Character received please close.

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