WTB perfect RORQUAL pilot

Looking for a perfect rorqual or near perfect pilot,17-20B

How much pilots are you looking?
I can help you with that.

2 or 3 cause i already have 3.

Check your eve mail, sent ya a link from my main.

yea i saw that and how much about that?

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Goomine1 for 20 bils
http://eveboard.com/pilot/NO_PAX_SEX for 16,5 bils
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Goomine4 for 22 bils
And some another pilots are more expensive (up to 25 bils) and cheaper (from 15 bils)

i can pay all of those 55 bils

16bill for no pax sex

ok. Garrett Liu transfer ISKs and account’s name on character Goomine1 and and I will begin the transfer procedure

blackmamba230 Pappotte for 1-2 hour I will send an offer that you can not refuse =)))
Game mail suit?

ill pay 21.5 for Goomine4

Timberwulf420 check game mail pls =)

Zanlink Do you have any characters available yet?

Zanlink was sold =(
But i have some characters- rorqual drivers for sale.
How many SP are you interesting?

I look for pilots of rorqual, as an extra attribute that are industrial, you could enter the game or send me a private chat to make this more fluid.
otherwise show me the characters here, if there is any interest in me.

Any of these characters still for sale?

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