WTB perfect scanner

(Jaihden) #1

looking for a perfect scanning toon

(Jaihden) #2

daily bump

(Jaihden) #3

Daily bump

(Jaihden) #4

daily bump no one wants to sell their scanning toons?

(Buick Y-Job) #5


(Jaihden) #6

I can offer you 14b since a lot of these skills are waste for me but that’s what I am looking for sort of =D

(Jaihden) #7

daily dump

(Buick Y-Job) #8

14b without leadership skills ok?

(Urenna Naari) #9


evemail if you are interested

(Lord Lascerations) #10

perfect scanning skills and cybernetics 5 for the scanning pirate implants as well

extract whatever is not needed is possible

if interest, make bid in the thread or send me evemail

(Jaihden) #11

daily bump no answer from lord lasceration lately so I am still looking for a probing alt!

(Jaihden) #12

Daily bunp

(Jaihden) #14

no one pays 16b for 16m sp friend sorry but not sorry

(system) #15

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