WTB - PI Alt/Hauler - 1 More!

I’m not looking for anything fancy, but would like to purchase a PI alt, with possibly some hauling skills. Cybernetics IV or V would be a bonus.

Budget between 3b to 6b

I just purchased one pilot, would love to get a second!

Thanks in advance, you can mail me ingame as well


maybe interested. I am Freighter pilot Obelisk ready for inject any other freighter,

I think i am more near the 4.9 than the 4.6 million points

Have good name, short history 2009 pilot and useful right now.

Cybernetic 4 with implants, many points in freighter lvl 4-5 you can extract or go to Freighter 5 later

lvl 3 PI (the other in queue) and training to Interceptor (2 days), can up in an orca in few day
This is my queue just now



Do you want to make a thread? or is this one fine? I’ll take the pilot

In this one., i send you a message in a moment. currently 4.9m points

I am in khanid prime, high sec, no kill rights, high psoitive wallet, i pay the tramsfer., all the ccp rules apply.

Isk and account received, i send the pilot in 3 min

Confirmed, isk and account info sent :slight_smile:

Transfer was done one moment Ago, thanks for the business.

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