WTB Planetary Commodities


If you struggle with your valuable planetary commodities and other stuff and don`t want to ruin prices due to law of supply and demand…

I am offering 95% of jita split for large orders of list of planetary commodities (see list below). You will recoup the 5% through taxes saved (3.6% sales and 1.4%+ broker fees).

List of needs on regular basis:

  • Synthetic Synapses
  • Cryoprotectant Solutions
  • Shattered Villard Wheel
  • Gel-Matrix Biopaste
  • Transcranial Microcontrollers
  • Nano-Factory
  • Ukomi Superconductors
  • High-Tech Manufacturing Tools
  • High-Tech Data Chip
  • High-Tech Scanner

However, I am only accepting orders of 1k units or more. Preferably orders of 2-3k units at a time if possible.

If this offer interests you, please send an evemail to Zabuza Azari in game.
Mention products and quantity. I will create contract on your name