WTB porp/orca boosting char

Looking to buy a porp/orca boosting char, (around 10m SP or less preferably)

Free 1mil sp form new account + skill training bundle gets you 2.5m sp, which is enough to get a Orca, mining boost, mining drones and shield hardeners II, and so on. Sell the expert mega cerebral for the 1bil to buy the orca. (Just how I went about it since you haven’t gotten a response.)

EveSkillboard - Ozran Sonaht I got this bad boi which is a fair orca pilot and is 2 days (and 1.9 bil isk in skillbooks) away from a rorqual. Comes with the Orca rockbreaker pioneers skin I can move it to an NPC corp and all that stuff if you want it. Willing to let it go for pretty cheap if you can pay the transfer thing.

EveSkillboard - Amiette Charante 12B and comes with an orca. will leave to NPC corp if intrested.

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