WTB Orca boost toon // can be closed


as the title says I would like to buy an Orca boost toon.

Mining Director V
Mining Foreman V
Leadership V
Fleet Compression Logistics V
Fleet Command V
Command Burst Specialist V
Industrial Command Ships V
Shipboard Compression Technology V
Cybernetics V

And also support skills like shield, drones, stuff for fitting and so on.

Something like that would be great. Please also offer toons who are on the way to this or even further.

Budget up to 30b - depends on SP and focus.

Thanks in advance.

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I would be willing to sell myself

I would ask 20b but willing to see your offer as well.

Can you check your link? It says user not found. I think it is in private mode - you need to make it public.

Check again I tried in incognito mode and it worked



Your link works fine. I ll have a closer look when I am at home in like two hours.

ah sorry i missed who the response was to.

Sorry I am a bit late. I guess you won‘t like what I am going to offer. Basicly 20b is way to much. I would offer 8,5b. Excration value should be something about 6,5b.

I could offer 19b but you would have to pay transfer fee and also follow the rules by ccp.


I have sent you an evemail.

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As agreed with you, I am for sale for 13b.

  • In Highsec, will move to Jita 4-4 before transfer
    -Positive wallet balance.
    -No kill rights.
  • Not yet in NPC corporation, will drop tomorrow morning.

Isk and account info sent