WTB Rattlesnake toons

Please post your offerings.

Good drone and missiles kills needed.

Will give good offers.



Probably not quite what you are looking for, but ill post it anyway on the off chance haha either way good luck and safe flying o7 says i cant post my eveskill link but if you are interested ill message it to you

Hi I would give you 25 bill for this toon


Hey sorry it took so long to reply. I would do that. I have to wait until wed to get paid for the transfer fee though

Are you still interested? I’d sell him for less since I made you wait until I got paid

tell me if I am being cheeky but 20 Bill?

20 bil is perfectly fine with me.

Ok, Isk and account details sent.

Sorry just woke up, I will get this taken care of

Character sent. Please confirm when you get him. Thank you!

Received, thanks mate. Still looking for more so feel free to keep posting guys





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