Wtb rhea pilot

(LLlAMAH) #1

rhea lvl-4
calibr lvl 4-5
conserv lvl 4-5
freighter lvl 4-5
pls your offers below

(VexarE Hakaari) #2


Calibr 5
Conserv 4
Freighter caldari 4
JF 4

The eveboard isn’t updated yet, it’s in npc corp, no killright, positive wallet
It’s actually 10.7M sp focused on rhea and amarr transport ship - no waste of skill in fleet command, drones, gunnery and scanning stuff.
I hope that’s gonna show the real status as soon as possible

(LLlAMAH) #3

nice, you offer pls

(VexarE Hakaari) #4

How about 12B?

(LLlAMAH) #5

This is a bad price, I suggest 6b

(Rando Mohawk) #6


Cal 5
Conserve 5
JF 5
Freighter 5

What’s your offer for this pilot?

(LLlAMAH) #7

14bil for Rando Mohawk

(Rando Mohawk) #8

Are you willing to meet me at 15bil? I have to pya transfer fee.

(LLlAMAH) #9

yes i have 15b now

(Rando Mohawk) #10

Ok. I am waiting on a courier contract to complete. Transfer will commence within 24 hrs after account name and isk is transferred.

(Rando Mohawk) #11

Isk and Account name received. As requested, will start transfer in 10 hours.

(LLlAMAH) #12

isk send

(Rando Mohawk) #13

Isk and Account name received. Transfer started.

THank you.

(OmenNavy) #14

Gal for sale

(Orange Jews) #15

is that pilot still for sale OmenNavy?

(OmenNavy) #16

Yes it is