Wtb rhea pilot

rhea lvl-4
calibr lvl 4-5
conserv lvl 4-5
freighter lvl 4-5
pls your offers below


Calibr 5
Conserv 4
Freighter caldari 4
JF 4

The eveboard isn’t updated yet, it’s in npc corp, no killright, positive wallet
It’s actually 10.7M sp focused on rhea and amarr transport ship - no waste of skill in fleet command, drones, gunnery and scanning stuff.
I hope that’s gonna show the real status as soon as possible

nice, you offer pls

How about 12B?

This is a bad price, I suggest 6b


Cal 5
Conserve 5
JF 5
Freighter 5

What’s your offer for this pilot?

14bil for Rando Mohawk

Are you willing to meet me at 15bil? I have to pya transfer fee.

yes i have 15b now

Ok. I am waiting on a courier contract to complete. Transfer will commence within 24 hrs after account name and isk is transferred.

Isk and Account name received. As requested, will start transfer in 10 hours.

isk send

Isk and Account name received. Transfer started.

THank you.

Gal for sale

is that pilot still for sale OmenNavy?

Yes it is