WTS Focused Rhea Pilot (23.8M EXP, 400k Unallocated)

(Aether Astaios) #1


Caldari Industrial V
Caldari Freighters V
Jump Freighters V
Adv. Spaceship Command V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
…and more!

Fully focused and capable Rhea pilot. Character is in Jita, has no kill rights, positive wallet and is ready to be transferred. Has +5 implants plugged in, as well as a couple of jump clones with misc. implants.

Current highest bid is 19B.

(Maizie Fields) #2

Edit: Bid revision downward to 16b, in response to current I-E dynamics.

(Aether Astaios) #3

Thanks for the offer. Giving it a little bit of time before selling. Will make a decision tomorrow.

(Aether Astaios) #4

Feels like this character could be worth slightly more, so i’ll continue trying to sell for the moment. Thanks for the offer and it is currently the highest.

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #7

Deleted a few off-topic posts. Please keep comments only to offers and responses.

(Aether Astaios) #8

Final bump

(Marketing 0919 Boirelle) #9


(Jumpdrive Active) #10

17 bill

(Darran) #11

18 bill

(Aharon Omaristos) #12

18.5 bil

(Darran) #13

19.0 bill

(First Officer Black) #14

I would like to come to a buy out offer on your toon.
Please check your in game mail.