WTS Focused Rhea Pilot (18.7M SP + 1.7M Unallocated)


19 Level V skills, including:

Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
Adv. Spaceship Command V
Jump Freighters V

  • Many More

Wallet is Positive. No negative history. No kill rights or black marks of any kind.
+5 Implant Set and Remap available. 1.7M SP that is unallocated and available to put into whatever skill you’d like

Starting at 10B. Will end when I receive suitable offer.

15B Buyout

If I haven’t recieved a higher offer by the time I get home in 3-4 hours, you have a deal.

Just let me know when you are around and I will send the ISK.

Alright i’m around now. I’ll just need to move a few items off character and from what i’m reading, petition a GM to take Plex for transfer. Send ISK and account name and i’ll get started.

ISK sent

Received and i’ve submitted a request. I’ll let you know when it starts.

Any update?

I submitted the ticket last night and haven’t gotten a response to it yet. Not sure what the usual turn around time is, but it being the weekend may have something to do with the delay.

Ok no worries, thanks for letting me know