WTS Focused Rhea Pilot (18.7M SP + 1.7M Unallocated)

(Aria Toralen) #1


19 Level V skills, including:

Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
Adv. Spaceship Command V
Jump Freighters V

  • Many More

Wallet is Positive. No negative history. No kill rights or black marks of any kind.
+5 Implant Set and Remap available. 1.7M SP that is unallocated and available to put into whatever skill you’d like

Starting at 10B. Will end when I receive suitable offer.

(Igace) #2

15B Buyout

(Aria Toralen) #3

If I haven’t recieved a higher offer by the time I get home in 3-4 hours, you have a deal.

(Igace) #4

Just let me know when you are around and I will send the ISK.

(Aria Toralen) #5

Alright i’m around now. I’ll just need to move a few items off character and from what i’m reading, petition a GM to take Plex for transfer. Send ISK and account name and i’ll get started.

(Igace) #6

ISK sent

(Aria Toralen) #7

Received and i’ve submitted a request. I’ll let you know when it starts.

(Igace) #8

Any update?

(Aria Toralen) #9

I submitted the ticket last night and haven’t gotten a response to it yet. Not sure what the usual turn around time is, but it being the weekend may have something to do with the delay.

(Igace) #10

Ok no worries, thanks for letting me know