WTB Rorq Pilot Isk ready online now

Please let me know what u got

28.7 mil focused Rorq/Dread pilot

link please


missing alot for t2 buttt whats ur price?

I could be for sale, if the price is right. Just check me out, maybe im not for you.


no password

Nope thx tho

i would be interested potentially

If give you 10b at most for f2f darkwing

what did ya have in mind @ Tara Otomeya?

Please move this discussion out of my post thank you.

message me ingame

buy out number?

Buy out number??

32bil BO

for 31 ill transfer right now?

@Tuq_Rety whats ur buy out?

ill accept 31 bil buyout. Please reply to my original thread