WTB Rorqual starter pilot

need a rorqual pilot that can use everything but not really a max toon… trying to spend less money but still have 15-30B isk ready for it! WTB Rorqual starter pilot

I am for sale. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/BAldbihachi
Learning atm the panic modul skills, but have gal.carrier + fighter skills injected if its a plus…
I would like to get 11b

11mil sp it’s 12 Skill extractor
12 * 780kk(inj) = 9.4bil
12 * 330kk(extr) = 4bil
9.4-4 = 5.4 bil
5.4 bill it’s price your character.
6.5b/o now

you’re wrong. if you want a 11mil SP char you have to inject 24 injectors witch is cost:
24 * 780kk(inj) = 18b
plus skill books cost
train it from 0, witch takes 10month,
10 * 500(PLEX) * 2,8mil = 14b
plus skill books cost.
Thanks for your offer, but it would be a robbing, not a fair deal


for sale

still selling? contact me in game or pm

Is your pilot still for sale? I want to buy this pilot
14B/O isk ready for it!

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