WTB Starter Rorqual Pilot

(Wealthy Aristocrat) #1

WTB a starter Rorqual Pilot with a clean history. Looking for it to be fairly close to sitting in one with no wasted SP but it doesn’t need all the support skills etc. yet. Max budget is 8 Billion. Thanks everyone.

(violet B) #2

for an extra 2B you can inject in all the skills needed and fly a bare bones basic rorq with no jump skills

(Wealthy Aristocrat) #3

You think so? I have not done the calc. I figured 15 mill sp?

(violet B) #4

to sit and use one without any shields or other mods just the indy core and mining drones, its under 5M SP, brand new character with 0 SP so you get max injector usage, then good skilled fit rorq is around 14M then add another 2-3M SP for jump skills

(Wealthy Aristocrat) #5

Hmm, ill look into it more. Thanks

(system) #6

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