WTB Rorqual

Hi i search rorqual toon, send your toon here and i give you offer for this. Need more 23M SP

daily bump

I have a near perfect Orca pilot, You could inject into Rorqual if you want:
Xander Beratna Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
Comes with +5 implants in Slots 1-4, and 3 remaps.
Price is 13B
I can have him ready to transfer in about 2 hours

i check skills :slight_smile:

43b to inject to be good rorqual pilote no thanks for this toon :slight_smile:

i want toon with more 20m SP in mining, drone, shield, indus to inject the rorqual skills. Or all skills good rorqual toon i have not limite SP max :slight_smile:

@Harrigan_Raen i can buy it 8b now

I’ll pass, price is 13B or I keep him.

isk send and info send

Give me about 15 minutes, ill start the transfer.

Transfer started:

i tell you if i need more sp :slight_smile:

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