WTB speicialist JF pilot(budget 30b)

WTB speicialist JF pilot(budget 30b)

Not interested at the me?

I tagged you in my post.

Sorry, but not interested. too many sp on spaceship command

But most of it is for Hauler and Industry ships.

And with that 11.2m unallocated SP you do whatever you need…

Anyway your isk, your choice :slight_smile: Thank you.


Seems I am all you got. Please buy me :slight_smile:

I have: Stanlor Huronout Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)
154M sp, 25M sp in Resource Processing. Good jump skills for Anshar.

sorry budget not enough


you should be able to inject a near max jf pilot for 20-25b just fyi