WTB Spot in Corp/Rental Corp/

Hello New Eden, I am looking to buy a spot to rent in a corp, or in a rental corp. “In a corp?” I am looking primarily to become blue to make this less hostile for my actives, If you’re a CEO of a regular corp willing to sell me a spot in your corp no questions ask, money talks, hit me up. If you’re a rental corp, renting form an alliance and have a spot to fill hit me up.

Area of Operation Preference : Stain, Esoteria, Venal, Tenal, Branch. But open to other opportunities, absolutely no drone space, or angel space.

Requirements, alliance must have at least 300 people in the alliance at a minimum, this makes it possible to see blues far more often in a region, for my purposes this works well.

What do I do, exploration. This should help things make more sense, similarly to a Tengu pilot renting to run 10/10’s from an alliance, I am looking to simply buy a spot to see more blues around to increase my odds of survival.

Sure, the price is for the super you’ll probably AWOX, lol.

At least offer to give an API key.

Or Pandemic Horde.

I could go to the recruitment channel right now, and join a dozen or more corps that have supers, with out even having to pay them to join. At some point you have to stop being paranoid and recognize business and business.

Some weeks ago i need something very similar to that.


50m monthly, good guys, part of WERMT.

Thank you I will check it out.

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