Still looking.

Still interested

Still buying

Still looking. Send me offers :smiley:

Still interested in buying some.

Still looking

If you have a ship, module or ammo T2 BPO. Let me know :slight_smile:

I have 9 for sale but i’m blocked in game :frowning:

Unblocked you. Apologies for that, no clue as to why you were blocked. Feel free to PM me what BPO’s you have and at what ME/TE rates.

Looking forwards to making some business with you :slight_smile:

Still interested in buying.

How much would you pay for An Anathema BPO 10/20?

I could offer you 50 Bil for the Anathema BPO

Thanks Will contact You if i Will sell it. But for 50 it stays

Many thanks.

Still looking for T2 BPO’s :slight_smile:

Still looking.

Still interested

Still looking :slight_smile:

Ship & Module BPO’s are the ones I’m more interested.

Still looking.

Still interested